Thursday, March 19, 2009

Curvy Moms can be bachelors too!

My Deco
is a fantastic British design site that offers great sales, tips and "style finders." Apparently, I'm quite masculine in my decorating....hmmm. Perhaps that is why I am drawn to the room above. I look at it and it calms me. I can imagine rotating beautiful vases of flowers, bowl of fruit, changing the pillows to reflect my mood or the time of year. It is a space that with little effort can tranform itself with a few interchangable accessories. It quiets my very LOUD mind.

This, on the other hand, feels like a showroom. The colors appeal to me but I think I'd get clausterphobic quickly. It's a room that would be fun for about an hour. Can a room be "too harmonious"? Everything matches...yikes.

Following are the specifics of my profile. I agree with most of it.
I AM :
For a family home, your style is surprisingly
masculine. Perhaps it's to do with the gadgets you own, (I DO NOT OWN A WII AND PROBABLY NEVER WILL! Do they mean appliances? My kitchen rocks on that front but our stereo system is a joke.) though more likely about
the choices you make when it comes to colour and functionality of design.
Chances are, perhaps, that your busy lifestyle adds an element of unavoidable
chaos to an otherwise orderly and disciplined aesthetic.
Living Room
Playboy, gent, aesthete (HARDLY! WE HAVE A FAMILY OF THREE AND LOTS OF GUESTS IN AND OUT!)- your living room is a shrine to bachelorism. (A SHRINE? I'M NOT EVEN RELIGIOUS! )The masculine look finds its apogee in the bachelor pad, and at the heart of every
bachelor pad is the living space, with its sharp lines and a hedonistic approach
to life that's all about having fun and very little to do with mundane chores. (BUT CAN I GET AN AMEN?)
This is the lifestyle of a Gatsby or a 007, and the fact that both are fictional
characters says it all: this look is about illusion and seduction and a dash of
hustler chutzpah.( THERE IS A FIRST FOR EVERYTHING-I"VE BEEN ACCUSED OF CHUTZBAH, OF COURSE, BUT NEVER HUSTLER CHUTZPAH!) This is a look that can't take clutter: modern accessories
blend in well, but do make sure they don't blend in too well, dulling the room's
sharp lines and turning the edgy into the anodyne. (POINT TAKEN) Earthy (but not sludgy)
colours work well in both rural and urban settings, while neutral textiles and
soft furnishings never lose their style. Curled up on the sofa with a good book,
your living room's the perfect place for some "me-time". (NOW WE"RE TALKING!)
It's a man's world in the master bedroom. (?) Sleep is fundamentally important to our well
being. In busy towns and cities, noise can often hamper a good night's sleep.
Soft furnishings really do absorb sound, and touch is such an important sense in
the bedroom, from crisp, linen sheets to wool or even sheepskin underfoot. You
have quite a masculine - some might say hard - style in your bedroom, using
rich, chocolate browns to create a warm and cosy escape from the rest of the
world. (It's like they've been there...although the sound of elk, random dog barking can hardly account for "noise.")
Dining Room
You're a modern maverick, (LOOK OUT John McCAIN) a supremely elegant
entertainer. (OH! Well, THANK YOU VERY MUCH) At home, you have a fresh, contemporary dining style that is versatile and achievable on almost any budget. Keeping the basics simple, try
using colour or picking something a bit unusual to add character and to give the
dining area some definition. Good design and quality materials can really lift a
place setting. When it comes to entertaining, you like to make an effort for
family and friends. (AWWW)
Home Office
You have a place for everything and
everything has its place. (OH HOW I DREAM!) Working from home is an increasingly popular solution
to the challenge of bringing up a young family and making ends meet. A dedicated
home office - even if it's just the corner of a room - will help keep you
focused and separate work from hectic family life. The modernist adage that form
should follow function is nowhere better demonstrated than in the home office:
keep things simple and add your own sense of style by using a splash of colour
or a single, well-chosen decorative piece.
Let a child's room
reflect his or her personality -- not yours! If you have the space for a
designated playroom, great. If not, then giving your kids the biggest bedroom
can be a smart move, certainly once they're past the toddler stage: it gives
them a designated space to play, enabling you to keep the rest of your home
more, rather than less, how it used to be. Cheap and cheerful is ideal when it
comes to most things in children's rooms: not only do kids grow fast, they also
grow out of fads and phases at an amazing rate. (WOW! I AGREE! HERS IS THE ONLY ROOM WITH BRIGHT COLORS AND A REALLY DIFFERENT LOOK!)
Keeping your
home clutter-free can be difficult at times, but what's life without challenges?
Creating boundaries and knowing when and when not to compromise will help you

FUN QUIZ - try it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! We share a love of peonies. And I agree with you about your post, clutter is a beast that needs to be tamed!

drollgirl said...

i like the masculine look, too! that second pic is way too DONE. i used to work at the focacta pacific design center (a HIDEOUS cesar pelli building) in west hollywood. everything there was pretty much done to the 9's, 10's, 11's and 12's. sometimes it is too much. too fussy and too overdone.

sorry for babbling. i have either had too much caffeine or not enough!!!!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

How funny they went so far with the whole bachelor/masculine thing. I like the room you picked. Like it's simple lines. I took the test and was labeled a "world traveller" . Pretty much sums up my style. Kinda sorta.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm gonna hang around yours a bit more. Fun!

Anonymous said...

Masculine? Feminine creatures abhor clutter too...I've seen a batch pad that was afar cry from their version!

Anonymous said...

I took the quiz and came out as a "Mystery" user. So now I'm even more confused! What does this mean?

All in fun, though, a neat diversion.

Hey: what about creating your OWN quiz to help folks determine their style. Please leave out the "Mystery" label, though. I'm sort of annoyed, but I'll attempt to act Buddhist about it and say, "Hey, it's all good!"

M Rae K

DesignTies said...

I'm going to go try that quiz right now :-) Thanks for sharing your quiz results -- your comments made me laugh :-)

Also, thanks for letting me now which fabrics you like best for my "virtual" chairs. The Barbara Barry ones are gorgeous, but I'm scared to see how much they cost!!

Kelly @ DesignTies

Addyson said...

Awesome post!! I would be careful while choosing my bedding collection.