Monday, March 30, 2009

252 degrees of Happy Camper

They assure me spring will be making it's way to western Colorado any day now...that is what they say...or so it has happened in years past. My kiddo and I tried to take the tag-along bike out for a spin (we went by the Dennis Weaver Memorial Park and to the river to throw stones) and encountered some serious wind..a few days ago we were on the slopes on a frigid but beautiful day. I wear my snow boots one day and flip flops the next.....but soon we'll be camping again!
Hence these wild photos!
For this particular model...
I have so many questions! Apparently there is a screen so that when your camper is fully fanned out you won't be exposed to all the elements...just a screen? Perhaps an opaque-bullet proof shell might be a nice addition for privacy purposes. I mean really, if you pull up in this baby- the trailer court is gonna want a ride in yer fancy time machine!
That's why we usually use tents and never go to camp grounds....they feel like suburbia in the woods...I want o be alone with me and my tribe and our own obnoxious laughter and cryin' kids.

But if I did concede to a camper this one would be on my top 3 list...I still love the old air streams though...I'm often more of a mid-century modernist at heart you know!

Saw this first on yanko Design

If I'm still critiquing this little masterpiece I have to add that I might also want a little more vanity space to spread out all my devil paint and such....yes I wear make-up in the woods. Eye rolls accepted.
This really could revolutionize the way we travel.


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

A foldout Air that would be cool!

drollgirl said...

wow!!! these are amazing!!! i have never seen them.

i love the old airstreams, for sure. i have an ex bf that found one will driving across the country and he bought it for $500 cash and sold it for $10,000 on ebay. i was sad that we didn't even get to use it once.

i wish i had one. it MIGHT make me go camping.

Awesome Sara said...

that is the sickest thing i have ever seen!!! i want one for my birthday

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Those are so neat! Though I am all for bullet-proof (or at least bear-proof).

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Wow - I've got to see one of these! Love, love, love travel trailers!