Wednesday, February 11, 2009

White House White Dog

Here are 2 renditions of new "looks" for the oval office. Fun, right? I love the Eames chair pictured below. A little modern or mid-century modern might be a nice touch.

On an entirely different note...
This is reason #5,456 why we don't have a dog. I think poodles are smart, and they don't shed. Big pluses in my book. My darling husband is afraid I would do this to a poodle if we ever had one...he's right. Come on though, what's a poodle with out a little pouf? Unfortunately the standard white poodle eye goo is a deal breaker for me...even if Scott were to let me emasculate FIFI.

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vicki archer said...

Oh this shot is just too cute. Thank you for stopping by French Essence - love your blog, xv.