Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mid Century Modern Kate and Oscar

The 1969 Oscars- mostly mid century modern.
Perhaps I am one of the few but I kind of liked the over the top Oscars this year, the staging, the singing and dancing Hugh, the glam of old Hollywood, the silliness of the opening props, even the grand "we take ourselves so very seriously" emergence of past Oscar winners to pass on the torch to the new best actresses and actors. I think the excruciating moments are as much fun as the best and worst gowns, the crazy speeches and the suspense. I never miss it.

I have been cheering for her all season!! The reader was stunning! I became so obsessed that I read the book the day after seeing the movie.

2.Definitely not!
3. YES to Diane!!
4. A bravery award to Ms. Beyonce...but I guess if I liked it I shoulda put a ring on it.

1.Nice Kate!
2.Meryl your almost 60 not 160, let's find you something a little peppier, a little more flattering next year , shall we?
3.Does your stylist hate you, my sweet pale friend?
4. And Finally, YES!!


Anonymous said...

"...shoulda put a ring on it..." LOL!!!!
I hardly ever watch the Oscars, but always follow up on the fashion hits and misses. I agree about all of your "yes" and "no" labels. To add: Angelina Jolie: YES! Loved the bold emerald earrings against the simple black dress.

Jennifer Aniston: HMMM. The hair made her look a bit too "playground" but I always think she's beautiful.

Natalie Portman: MY FAVORITE OF THE NIGHT. I even downloaded a photo of her in that dream of a bubblegum pink dress, so that someday I can have a seamstress make me a more casual version of it for summer. She looked amazing!!

Penelope Cruz: 50-year-old dress? Gorgeous!Plus, did you see her in Vicky Cristina Barcelona? Yowza!

Daniel Craig: Pour some sugar on me!

Anne Hathaway: Pretty girl, but her pale skin and the pale dress created a negative--uh, where'd she go?

Thanks for the recap! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey team Jolie,
Agree...the pink would be lovely on you...
loved the Penelope dress but the hair doesn't suit her.
That Natalie Portman is a beauty for sure.