Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pioneering and the Photo Story (PG-13)

I was browsing the myriad subject list in the Pioneer Woman blog recently. Her January 2oth entry on photo storytelling was really interesting: When you take pics of things you really need to think about Beginning, middle, and the end if you want a captivating photo not just a pretty postcard. I love those simple little tips!
I'm a little obsessed with her website. When I see the depth and breadth of her glorious blog ..the weak part of my psyche asks, "Why do I even bother?'" The audacious and hopeful part of my psyche says "hush little blogger, stick with what you know...P.W. is sent on a mission of bigger, grander cyber inspiration...if you want to be better, then do better." Man, my psyche is a hard ass. OOOOOH that's the first time I've cursed online...feels deliciously addictive. Nah, I'll keep it clean and sunny- it counterbalances my real life personality nicely.

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