Thursday, February 19, 2009

Belly up to the bar... but don't forget about your back!

I'm always on the hunt for comfortable modern bar stools. I mean really, who wants to be perched up there with out any kind of spinal support? Mama always told me not to slouch!
The reason I love the wooden number above is because it seems like such a great transitional piece. Asian inspired, clean would look good in a mountain setting, contemporary, minimalist-even a commercial setting. Affordable too. I found it at my new fave, modern furniture.

I found this one there too. Form and function, how about that? It has both a foot rest and back support. The chrome makes it a little more edgy but in certain conditions this could be a real winner. I'm thinking, game rooms, modern kitchens, condos for its small-scale size.

I have this little darling. I bought 4 of them on Overstock
several years ago for a SONG! I think the back support is there, however minimal...
I loved the mahogany on top with the chrome base, still do!
Just wanted to mention Rocky Mountain Hardware. I appreciate their dedication to green design practices. We use them for door handles and pulls but I just realized they do tile and sinks as well! Good to know! Love their very substantial , earthy, and weighty stuff, perfect for some of our more rugged mountain style abodes!

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Anonymous said...

These would look good in a fairly traditional house too, right?
The top stool has the same wood as my cabinets. Cool site.