Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Green in DC

We loved Sweetgreen-

loved it! The Green concept wasn't just for show. Wind power, compostable packaging, bring back a bowl idea, bamboo seating, sustainable mission... The best part, though, was the wildflower lined menus that will sprout if you plant them!

We had their yogurt for dessert after going to Afterwords. I swear to you it was THE BEST frozen yogurt I have ever tasted...ever. It was tart and creamy, must have been those delicious little active live cultures. The toppings were perfect. 3 of any thing: fresh berries, nuts, choco chips, coconut, agave syrup, etc. I bought an extra serving, one with blueberries, mango and nuts for breakfast tomorrow. We have a cute little fridge/freezer in our room. I thought this was a brilliant idea...funny, I didn't get any other takers. Just you wait, they'll all want a bite tomorrow. It will be my AM case of brain freeze that will lure them in.

Design Note: The first thing that pops out when you walk into Sweetgreen is the color on the walls. The inexperienced home remodler type might be tempted to match this shade and paint his/her walls in the same paint color. DO NOT DO THIS! I beg you.

The reason the green works so well in this space is:

1. There is actually more white than green

2. The ceilings are huge and light is fantastic

3 The graphic wallpaper pattern eats up a lot of the impact of the color green

4. The wood tone balances the colors and the gaphic print.

If you love this green, accent with it. Use it for that one, two punch not coating your whole room. If you insist on painting all your walls this color, and you are not completely knocked over by the hypnotic, kryptonite like power of the paint, make sure that your wall art or furniture is large and can absorb some of the impact.

It has forces of good when used sparingly...pure evil when abused.

You have been warned. Enough said.

Final note: Our hotel has a great organic line of soaps and other body products. Love the look of the hole in the soap.

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Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

I would love this place. Added to my mental list of places to go in D.C.!

Awesome Sara said...

how organic and lovely!! i love their tables and chairs, take me out for dessert!!!

don't forget your guest post!