Saturday, April 18, 2009

Historic House Colors, hurray!

But first, an "anti-rant", SPRING IS COMING TO THE SAN JUANS!!! IT IS. It must! This silly spring snow and frigid temperatures are silly little weather can't last forever. Spring has just been delayed for the time being. Now then, onto our D.C. historical tour, isn't she lovely? Trimmed in sage and cinnamon?
Spring break...
Sorry about the Subaru..editing complications. The grey house looked so pretty with the pink blossoms.
Smart colors.
This one isn't merely here for the colors, I just loved the round window.

Not crazy about the rainbow roof, but main colors are bold and fun...wish I'd taken more.
This was the Fredrick Douglas house.

I'm off to Santa Fe...posting in advance...not escaping the weather just continuing the Spring Break.
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jane said...

Great pictures. I do the same thing when visiting different places .In fact, I probably take more pictures of the buildings then of the people I´m with...:)

kadler said...

I love these row homes. So gorgeous!