Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pickup artist: Barbara bowles

More of my Santa Fe adoration. I can't remember the last time a photographer twirled my tutu this much! Her website shows a large range of her close-up, abstract photography of old trucks. I have a soft place in my heart for this type of decay...the nostalgia, the waste, the beautiful juxtaposition of junk rusting in a natural setting. It creates such wild and unatural colors and texture. I picked out a few of her cards because, 1. I was in a hurry and had to have something. 2. It would have taken me forever to choose one of her super large format prints 3. The 5 cards I chose are going to make a very nice little grouping.
The colors are outstanding and incredibly vibrant in person. she did a great one of an ornamental cabbage with the same patina of an old copper sculpture. The patina matched the color of an old hubcab...I picked up both!

Artist statement, readable if you click on photo or go straight to her site.

She has a great little gallery not too far from the square and was very friendly and lovely. Love stumbling on places like that!
If you are as fscinated by decay as I am...Carolinaeclectic ( see side blogroll)posted about the slideshow the New York Times is doing on the Grey Gardens Mansion...if you have never seen the 1975 film, treat yourself. Also HBO is releasing a reimagined Grey Gardens that I am simply chomping at the bit to see. I'll be speaking with Little Edie's accent for days...I apologize to friends and family in advance.


drollgirl said...

these pics are fantastic!!! i love seeing old decaying things (mostly old decaying INANIMATE things, por favor).

and the ORIGINAL grey gardens is so great. i am hopping mad that they are bastardizing it, but i think i am the only one with this feeling. how could they? why why why. drew barrymore?!??!/ no way. then again, i haven't seen it and maybe it is ok. but i don't even want to try it. do i sound like a 2 year old or what?!?!?

um, and your recent comments on my blog have been FANFUCKINGTASTIC. you are a hoot.

Awesome Sara said...

i love anything old and decaying theres nothing more beautiful, well except my face.

Pen Pen said...

I'm excited about the 'Grey Gardens' re-make...but then again - I was excited about the 'Planet of the Apes' remake, and it was TERRIBLE!!
I DO love these pics u shared tho! Boss!

Awesome Sara said...

LOL, I can't even watch the simpsons anymore after the clitty tat!!! my boyfriend was like there's no way i would ever be with a girl with that has a face down there, he was wigged out by it. but cat von deen is gorgeous but when she speaks, eeegads! she sounds dumber than a box of nails!! but she is really talented and she is so pretty. luckly you dont sound stupid and you are very pretty (i saw your pic in your profile, you are hot!!) and you are talented too. TRIPLE THREAT!!!!

Pass me a headscarf on Loghill said...

I'll try not to swear in my post, okay? I know you like to keep things clean. Anyhoo: love the Grey Gardens post, KB. "Where's my champagne cocktail??" Creepy. Interesting. The new version of this story is getting good reviews.

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Her images are amazing! Old cars are such a great subject matter. I haven't seen the re-imagining of Gray Gardens yet, sadly I missed a Gray Gardens party that a friend had while I was on vacation. Cannot wait to see it.

CARINA said...

the are great! loving the colours, loving the composition. Its got the whole - photo/painting thing going on.
Makes me want to scout round some old junk yards and take photos like these.