Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rothko (peeko train...not)

Are you inspired by color? By art? By certain palettes?
ROTHKO: In 1954 he asked that his largest pictures be installed "so that they must be
first encountered at close quarters, so that the first experience is to be
within the picture." Since my pictures are large, colorful, and unframed, and
since museum walls are usually immense and formidable, there is the danger that the pictures relate themselves as decorative areas to the walls. This would be a distortion of their meaning, since the pictures are intimate and intense, and are the opposite of what is decorative; and have been painted in a scale of
normal living rather than an institutional scale. I have on occasion
successfully dealt with this problem by tending to crowd the show rather than
making it spare. By saturating the room with the feeling of the work, the walls
are defeated and the poignancy of each single work...become[s] more visible. I
also hang the largest pictures so that they must be first encountered at close
quarters, so that the first experience is to be within the picture. This may
well give the key to the observer of the ideal relationship between himself and the rest of the pictures.
This one practically glows like an x-ray film.

Hmmmm "Opposite of decorative" yet so inspiring to the decorator. No one wants matching art work, the decor in a box look, but I think that when you have artists that light a fire in you, you find objects, fabrics and shapes that connect and create cohesive rooms.
Rothko's colors are saturated and intense. I saw them first hand at the National Gallery of Art. Huge canvases upon which color swatches blur...I'm a big fan. Like all the greats, Picasso specifically, the road to abstraction and "simplification" is littered with amazing early works, more classic but yet always fresh. The following composition really intrigues me, little figures vs. large architecture. Those painters, always playing with scale.

He also inspires more monochromatic decor ideas for me...thoughts? All decor via artful home.

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Urban LifeStyle Decor said...

Rothko just Rocks. Great blog + love your title, subtitle + banner. Very "Rural Cool". ~susan

Longing for Rothko on Loghill said...

Your blog gets better with east post!
I, too, love Rothko...others have tried to mimic his techniques to no avail; he is the master! Good for you for taking the time out of busy life to slow down and study the Rothkos. You continue to be my inspiration! xo mk

drollgirl said...

i love rothko's paintings. you just want to jump inside of the beautiful, intense color fields. he was rad.

and i want to go to santa fe now. so bad. especially since it is 95 and horridly hot right here now. :)

noone said...

Aww what a great blog! Thanks for sharing

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Rothko is one of my fave artists...those color combo is so inspiring! Saw his paintings recently when I was in Tate Modern London...more fabulous in person!

kadler said...

Ah, Rothko is one of my faves. Great picks :)

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

We have a giant Rothko print that was a gift to my fiance years ago. His brother-in-law is an artist, and framed it for him. It is truly amazing - one of my favorite pieces!