Monday, April 27, 2009

Reduce plastics Reuse bags Recycle material

I made a commitment this month to try as hard as possible to avoid any new plastic to enter my life. This is ridiculously difficult. I knew, though, that if I didn't try it in extremes I wouldn't be able to significantly reduce my habit. Frozen favorite? What to do? They come in a nifty and wasteful frozen food you know how long it would take to process that many artichoke hearts and freeze them? I shudder at the thought. Alternative fiber....the search is on.
I have slipped a few times...mostly in just not noticing all those ubiquitous little plastic items like a tiny straw in my vodka tonic, the cellophane in a bag of candy, LIDS!
It's funny, some times the anti-plastic choice might not be the most healthful choice or the lowest waste option or certainly even the least economical. Milk cartons vs. plastic gallon? I guess I need to subscribe to milk delivery...we have raw milk services around here...
Also salad bar in a clam shell plastic container from the grocery store or a sandwich from subway wrapped only in paper? Carbs? Can I bring my own bowl to the store? How would they weigh it? I'm not trying to ought eco anyone... just trying to get my waste into check.
Some things are easy: ice cream in a cone not a bowl and plastic spoon...I remember being confronted by this choice over the weekend and then opting out of both and settling for a bite of my kiddos dessert.
I'm a chewing gum nut...yikes. Will I be gnawing on fresh mint from now on?

So for my little person's lunch...I refuse to have anymore little disposable baggies...the guilt is too much. Waxed paper only works for a few items and is not re-usable. I thought about reusable oil cloth containers....of course ETSY had them! These oil cloth bags from Rickrack Queen are exactly what I was looking for...perfect for turkey or cheese slices, edamame, apple slices, anything slightly moist.

hmmm...maybe not edamame out of the pod...they might escape. Or juicy blackberries....

Love these from Evelynfields
the plain ones in packs of 10 are very affordable. It reminds me of Laura Ingalls and their little lunch pails and cheesecloth wrapped sweet.

there are quite a few larger commercial bags out there too...not a huge fan of nylon...but these could work for some items.
The nasty trash pool in our beautiful Pacific ocean....I don't want to add to this grunge.
Plastic is not sustainable...especially when we toss it out. I must funnel my creative energy into alternatives! Not being preachy, just letting you know what obsession has struck me lately. My wastefulness is really ugly.


MK said...

You have inspired me to do the same, KB! What a challenge, though..but to see that trash in the ocean is heart-breaking. Truly sad.

xo mk

Awesome Sara said...

i am so inspired by you. the trash in the ocean is pathetic. all the plastic in the workd it is just bound to get in our food, cancer anyone?

drollgirl said...

dude. i applaud you. you are undertaking a monumental effort, and i know the rest of us should, too.

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Kierstin, you rock. Great eco-friendly finds. I posted some from Rebel Green on my website last night, including a reuseable lunch tote.

With admiration said...

And remember if you have to break down and buy those frozen artichoke hearts, just carefully open the bag and save it for a future use. My wood pellets come in 40 lb bags. No getting around it. But we save the bags and use them as trash bag liners. We're still contributing to waste, but by re-using the bag for another purpose, we avoid buying garbage bags.