Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What I might not be able to justify

40% off at NAU- I have a coat problem!
Might be a little too wintry for my Spring trip...
Maybe I'll buy it for him...I'll wear it until I find him in Florence! My husband will soooo not buy my plan...also where in the world does that fit into my "packing light" scheme.....ah decisions!
Dead sexy though, isn't it?


LogHill Shoe Addict said...

Fabulous coat, and very eco, to boot! I actually think you should buy it; what if it rains on said European Fantasy Tour! xoxo

Kierstin Bridger said...

I'll finally talk myself into it and then I'll have to decide on a color!!!
You know you are like the embodiment of the devil on my shoulder when I make fashion decisions!!! Maybe Maureen is the angel?

She would be telling me to purge my closet of all but a monk's cloak and sandals....who am I gonna listen to?

Shoulder Devil said...

You must listen to me....you were not born onto this earth with those looks and that bod to be relegated to a single monk's outfit. Sinful to even contemplate! So observe fully the tiny/loud voice of me, that silly little devil on your shoulder, who adores you and your design sense, and who also LOVES a good deal! xoxo