Saturday, February 20, 2010

Small? No! Clean and Efficient Powder Rooms

Someone asked me just the other day if her tiny powder room could look bigger, cleaner, brighter and more modern- all on a tight budget. I shocked her when I said she could replace and reppaint for under $800! Luckily her sweetheart is handy with a wrench!

All modern Lighting has some amazing sales! This little gem is around 100 smackers!

Several space saving sinks like this waterfall number below can be spotted for under $500 This one is under $300! Overstock, naturally!

"I call this the Of Course You Can" Can! $346.59!! Unbelievable!! This type of bargain makes my heart palpitate!!
Love the multifunction with the "imperfection spotter" built into the mirror! Overstock for under $50! I also suggested "Seacliff Green" by Benjamin Moore!

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