Thursday, November 20, 2008

babes, bikinis and hard drinkin'

The Last time my little one was in Mexico was 4 years ago!
She has been to other beaches since but it's fun to remember...
This time she has a whole arsenal of Spanish at her disposal. She can ask to go to the bathroom, ask to get her water bottle, count to 99, recite her colors and say hello and goodbye. FLUENT! Just like Mama!
4 years ago, A dear friend of mine was just coming off chemo and our families decided to test her health in a nice, safe, germ free third- world environment- clever bunch aren't we!? We had a magical time.
To tie this post in with the whole design aspect I seem to be running with, let me just say, we found some very inspiring finds- 2 beautiful lamps that we drug home for my friend, a weighty cactus wood bowl, and some woven lampshades that I was convinced I'd be using in my new home but never really did-even though we haggled hard for them.
I find the Mexican use of natural fibers to be very intriguing:
Palapas, fencing, floor mats, woven hammocks, coconut shell daiquiris...
maybe it's the "I'm on vacation" lifestyle I enjoy so much....

Near Ixtapa, Mexico.

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