Thursday, October 30, 2008


Oh Martha! She is a wonder. She enjoys Halloween almost as much as I do. Tonight we're carving!! Will it be our presidential pick? Will it be one of my child's designs? (probably) Looking fwd to it. One little boy in the 1st grade carved a miniature pumpkin. It is fantastic. He even added a tiny candle! It's a little shriveled now- which only adds to its appeal!
I read an article about choosing not to be tacky during Halloween. They suggested having your guest dress in all black and giving them white boas upon arrival-YAWN!
Tacky is a pretty relative term. I love themes- this year the party will be Gothic wedding. Is a crime scene off theme? I'm still wondering about that...blood bath...bridal shower...I think I can make it work.
Love the acrylic "ghost" chair!
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