Friday, October 10, 2008

ask Kb Fridays Crafty Solutions

Dear KB,
I have a very large rec room in the upstairs of my's so random!
My husband want to eventually have a screening room there but for the time being
I just need a playroom for my girls who are 3 and 7. I want some of my craft
supplies available to them and myself. I want to keep my large entertainment
unit with TV. I want the girls to have access to their dolls, dress -up clothes,
dollhouse, games, and toys. I also want to keep some of the furniture but it's a
little mismatched. The walls are a neutral gray green color with white trim. The
carpet has to stay.
Oh, I also don't want to invest a ton of money.


Room for Advice in Ridgway
Hey RFA,
Sounds like you need some zones. You need an environment that is harmonious, fun to be in , easy to keep organized, and high functioning. No problem.

These are portable and cute. you may also want to consider hanging units with long rods or multiple rails like the ones found in kitchens to store crayons, glue guns, kid jewelry, scissors, etc.

I really think Flat Files are essential for storing colored paper. This one is reasonably priced and, most importantly, it keep s colors separated, visible and organized.
If you havemore than one you could designate a finished artwork storage center for one and another could be for drying art work.

You say there is carpet on your floors. If you allow painting projects consider a roll-up floor mat for messy art days. The Land of Nod
has some really great playroom furniture and ideas.
And now...

Shazamo! I LOVE
this whimsical family room by Candice Olsen of the TV show Divine Design. She nailed the "two separate spaces in one large space" thing- perfectly. Behind the curtain the kids have free reign.
Speaking of curtains...
Consider two large curtains that can either be closed when the entertainment area is being used or open when the girls are "performing" a play in their dress-up clothes. Kids love the drama of a "stage."
What I like about this look is that it is so inviting. Kids and grown-ups alike would love to get their creativity flowing in this space.
Painting your existing storage pieces white would create a cohesive look.
Another big oraganization hint when creating a craft space:
Rather than having one giant opaque bin for multiple craft items like pom-poms, buttons, markers, crayons, googly eyes, stickers, etc. use small see through jars and containers help keep them separate and accessible.

There's a cute blog called The Yellow Fence with a great little Kid's art space.
This is creative, fun and user friendly.

There is an art store quality to this shelving unit, which isreally practical and appealing. It could easily be curtained off, you could have two tables in the room-on wheels- one pint sized and one grown-up sized. It could easily butt up against this shelf unit to create a craft station or kids pretend office space.
I wanted to show you clever and so easy to execute.

Black? It's grownup and sophisticated but imagine adding a small kids table and kid sized shelves it could work for all of you.
-or just imagine it in white.

Scrapbookers gone wild!
Know anyone who would swoon over this?


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures KB.
I think you made some good suggestions on sharing space.

Anonymous said...

I want all the rooms. I have a huge cltter ball I my craftroom wanna-be space.