Thursday, February 24, 2011

Denver Design Obsession: My Washington Park Heartthrob

I have passed this great house on the shores of Washington Park many times. I can't seem to get it out of my consciousness. It looks as though it was a remodel. If my hunch is right then the carved siding must be original, right?

The 1st 2 shots were taken last summer.

I realize the remaining pics are not the most quality shots, dead of winter, not staged, etc. Call me a chicken if you care to but I did not want to ring the doorbell to ask if I could even the blinds, hide the alarm CO sign, or take the plastic off the grill.  I think the homeowners remain happier knowing a perfect stranger is only taking house stalker photos and not bugging them about a photo shoot! Bear with me! The shots I took last summer were farther away because I was sure the police were coming to take the "mamarazzi" away if I kept up my obsessive house hunter shots, and drool wiping.


Let's discuss what mama likes about this modest little darling....for one thing I love the copper tile siding. They are actually metallic and reflect brilliantly in the mile-high sun!  I also love the clean modern windows juxtaposed with the slightly more traditional contemporary craftsman windows. It's a warm modern. A modern your grandma might like, a modern that allows for function not just form.


The home owners did a great job with the landscaping too, grasses, architectural branches...inviting patio...


Contemporary Craftsman usually nods at asian influences just like this one...but maybe it's me but I can't help seeing the carving as slightly Polynesian. I really love it. I think the colors, form, etc could easily be translated into a bigger version for a more rural setting.
Did I mention the exterior house crush just goes on and on!


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