Saturday, January 15, 2011

Design Inspiration Supermarket Finds

I'm a big fan of secret stashes...This jar tile would be perfect in a powder room or butler's kitchen....I dream of a butler's kitchen...

Supermarket is one of my favorite online creative design stores! All the following products are found there...
lI love this fantastic shadow bulb! It's perfect for those apartment dwellers who have such short leases that paint might be too much of a commitment! Voila! Instant atmosphere.



A desk, a console, a buffet, say your playing restaurant with your significant other...table for 2...right this way!


This is genius! Who says the baby boomer set can't have fantastic "health" accessories! Be Prilosec Proud, I say! Counter culture even!

  These cloud earrings are just a teaser... Supermarket jewelry is like a dream jewelry store for me, fun, inventive, peculiar, wearable for everyday. Did I mention Valentine's day is coming Mr. Bridger? Shameless, I'm shameless!

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