Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hey Ruthie can you smell Christmas morning?

Sophia in her Kit gear at her Birthday party...
Picking apricots this fall for Christmas preserves.

More Kit stuff at her birthday.

Get a load of the type writer, you know those things before keyboards...
Kit makes preserves too! I didn't succumb to buying this because I realize I would be projecting my will onto my "poor" child, however...

I got the bed! Putting her girls to bed is one of her all time favorite things to do!

Miss Ruthie!

I think I may have to consider ordering these delights from My Boulangerie for that special morning when Sophia wakes up and sees that Santa has been busy recreating the American Girl Doll dream. She really wants Ruthie, Kit's best friend. I'm not so secretly excited she wants all the 1929 Kit Doll stuff. I love it. The lessons about the Great Depression and tightening one's purse strings will probably be lost on her as her Mother went a little overboard on the Kit bedroom set, jammies and the doll...I'm cutting back on other things..... ya, I really I am.
I'm giving preserves to my friends and neighbors...

Probably not these from my Boulangerie, but aren't they great glasses!

These are one of my favorite candies in all the world! Dark chocolate orange rinds.

Mmmm I can smell Christmas already.

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