Sunday, May 25, 2008

Modern Craft

The following is quoted directly from a really fantastic blog called Modern Craft

Friday, May 23

I cannot say enough about this London-based design company. Their Leather Collection (floor covering shown above) was one of the most interesting things I saw at this year's ICFF. Using salvaged vintage leather belts, they've created this beautiful, glossy, hard-wearing surface which is available in 12x12 squares for roughly $88 (US). Bergdorf Goodman selected TING's flooring to show on their Men Store Window and Third Floor exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of ICFF. No wonder-- this is a fantastic idea that they've executed beautifully. The result is an interesting high-end floor covering (but you could use it for restaurant menu covers, wallets, purses, etc) that really impressed me. Thanks Inghua!

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