Monday, February 23, 2009

I wish...lofty goals

On our wish list:
A Loft bed for the girlie girl in our casa.
The PB teen stylist may have gotten a little carried away here! The concept is good though.

Too cute, I mean that in a bad way.

This Affordable Ikea badboy

might be just the trick! Her room may not be the most modern room in our house but it has been very functional for her and her pet turtle for 3 years now.

She is growing out of her toddler bed and talking more and more about these loft beds.

I'd paint it white, add some curtains on the bottom and ta- dahhhh. A loft bed for under $400!

I thought this was hysterical... and oh so apt in my neck of the woods. It's called the "I wish we had an Ikea dish towel" by skinnylaminx.

The artist lives in South Africa. After mooning over an Ikea catalog she was inspired to create a new pattern for her textiles. Bloody brilliant!

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