Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Torrid Affair

My heart skips a beat, I'm breathless, my legs are shaky. I have all the symptoms. I freely admit it.
I am in love with Autumn!
I had a meeting free, appointment free, deadline free morning and I hiked up Bear Creek trail. Ahhhh
This blog is all about inspiration and the colors this morning were RIDICULOUS! Talk about a carpet of leaves...

This rug, although a bit tropical, represents the beautiful contrasting colors. the deep red earth, the lime of fading summer and the gold of aspen. Stunning.

Love this one! Muy Romantica! It's called Nirvana. It comes in all sorts of great sizes.

For the modern palette I found this at Shaver Ramsey. The top two are from Shaver Ramsey as well. They have a showroom in Denver.
I wanted to lie down this morning, right on the trail and cover my self in all the fall glory-sort-of.
Then I just started imaging different paint color combinations. Any of these rugs would make a fine starting place for a whole room color scheme. MMMmmm.

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