Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hey, Hay is for horses...and great design.

These are called Plopp- by Hay!

Dream Catcher Therapy Center and Horse Sanctuary in Olathe, Colorado is an inspirational place- to put it mildly- might mildly.

Kathy Hamm and her husband have really built something amazing here. It's beautiful, clean, teeming with lovable animals. there is even a 3 legged dog that will steal your heart.

I don't consider myself an animal person... but I got so choked up being around such a compassionate and loving operation. They have brought animals back from the brink of starvation and neglect and have made it possible for their mentally and physically challenged clients to thrive to make deep connection with the horses and great strides in their healing!

Kathy we salute you!
The beautiful Ranch.

Petting the bunnies.
Giving the pooch a Popsicle.
As you can see they are dressed in their farm clothes!
Free range hens!

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Anonymous said...

Those are so cool-western chic?
what are they made out of? I'll check the website.