Friday, May 1, 2009

Get your Design chops:Green carpeting

Design Chops people, not lamb chops! sheesh!

I've been doing a little research on wool's so soft, so luxe, so GREEN! It can be pricey but it's hard to's an investment. Sure there are nylon facsimiles but real wool will make your other samples look and feel baaaaaaad. Bad pun, sorry.
The only drawbacks apparently are that Dyson vacuums are NOT reccomended...they cause fuzzing. The suction and wheels are too intense...oh and it can create a little static in dry climates. But, hey, if your bare feet are in heaven , who cares about your hair-do, right? I guess you can only answer this for yourself. BAAAAAAAAAAd hair day? Again, sorry.
This shot from Woolshire, shows the more traditional side of wool carpeting, but I have to grin when I see the bedding they chose to spotlight here. I spec'd this about 5 years ago to go in a really traditional bedroom. I still kind of like the teal and brown combo. I used a suede Ralph Lauren paint in the same teal for the bottom of the wainscoting, and put a more gloden hue on the top...dark brown trim, a wrought iorn head board...I'll see if If can dig up a pic...

ahhhh New Zealand.

Love these from Modern Rugs...100% wool darling! They even have sales!

Triple green! Eco+2 shades of in the wool...sweet.

This could go Asian, modern, transitional, mountain, contemporary...

Remind anyone of Rothko?

What a moody landscape, no?

Futuristic? We think the kids are doing some wacky texting these days...perhaps these are an indication of the future heiroglyphics we'll find on our phone screens...It's an abbrivated novel actually, the climax is shocking, no?

Wow! I thought it was just renewable/sustainable and natural. Mint jelly washes out in a snap too!


drollgirl said...

whoa! some of these are gorgeous! i have baby feet that like to be comforted. this type of flooring might do the trick, but i am partial to the hard wood floors. maybe some wool throw rugs would let me have the best of both worlds.

hope you have a good weekend!!!

p.s. your comment on my post was interesting. i use the intimidating thing when need be. it is a little fun. h ahahahahah!

Awesome Sara said...

stunning!!!! i hate carpeting but throw rugs would be a nice compromise. carpeting is so hard to clean.

please sir said...

Great info. - thanks for all the links!

Anonymous said...

what cool rugs!

My Galveston Cottage said...

Hi there,
When I went carpet shopping for our Salida basement, I kept going to the wool samples. eeek. I couldn't go the price. I could only wish....Feels so luxe,as you said! Hope you'll drive over this summer, drop by our store and say hello. BTW: Have you posted your one picture that depicts your personal style?? -susan

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Hey girlie, I tagged you on my blog!

Unknown said...

Mmmmm- the triple green is my favorite. -e

Anonymous said...

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