Thursday, May 7, 2009

Al Fresco Finds: High and Low

Spring has truly arrived in the San Juan Mountains. There is still snow on the mountain tops but in towns like Ouray, Ridgway and Telluride, it's downright balmy. My little one is getting all her sundresses out, we're wiping the cobwebs from our flipflops and frowning at the weeds that are undermining the once beautiful landscaping. The aspens are budding, the grass is green, and the sky is BLUE!
This is my pick for patio dining perfection...It not too large, it's clean and simple and comfortable. It's $1499 but think of all the friends that you could get around the table-priceless!
LOW! What else would you expect from IKEA? The corner chair starts at $120 with a $40 white cushion and the simple is $90 with a $20 cushion. Form and function, you know how much I enjoy that!!


starting at $455! Almost 3 times as expensive as Ikea's version! Nice weave though!

I really like this 7 piece set. It looks so comfortable...I can imagine lingering over dinner, throwing back sangrias and laughing into the night. I think it would work well for a variety of styles too, classic, contemporary, Mountain Home, Mediteranean.

For the space age, modern, highly practical, minimalists! In the winter it doubles as sculpture. High for sure, around 2k

Sexy! How Southbeach. If it's just the two of you, in your cozy little loft with the perfectly manageable terrace...this cutie is a space saver. Double my espresso please!
I would lounge here and finish a whole novel, all it needs is a cabana boy and maybe a catheder...ew did I just say that? My point is, I wouldn't want to get up for anything!


drollgirl said...

fab finds!!! and the ikea one is the only type within my budget! but i love it anyway!

and clearly your high school was more fab than mine. we had b&w pictures in it, but maybe that was for the best in the long run. ha hhahahahah

drollgirl said...

and i bet it is SO FRIGGING GORGEOUS where you live, especially in the spring. i just know it!

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Love the sleek mod furniture! The second and third to last pics are my favorites. I would love to see Colorado in the spring.

Awesome Sara said...

the space age one looks like a giant sepasitory!!! everything else is just awesome!

Unknown said...

I adore the corner chair and the pub style two seater set! So cute! -e

Awesome Sara said...

I wanted to wish you a happy mother's day!

My Galveston Cottage said...

The space-age stack is too fun! Clever for small spaces, too. It's cold and rainy over here in Salida! cheers, -susan

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

What wonderful finds!!!