Friday, November 19, 2010

Architec-TOUR San Fransisco's Victorians

Most readers know I'm a bit of a modernists, but I have to admit I love looking at really over the top painted Ladies- who doesn't, right?!
San Francisco is the perfect spot to rubber neck!


I wonder how big the tree was when they built this slender beauty.




Some may call it gilding the lily but the status points earned by egg and dart molding over crown over fluted columns was maybe the equivalent of an ipad in one hand, kombucha in the other, waving to your one of three nannies while on your way to heli-ski pre-season work-out class in your next season uggs and Lulu Lemon size 0's. Perhaps... I'm no expert.




This one doesn't seem as fussy, and I really like the colors!


The one below is unfortunate...I mean the abacus is a bit too high.

Actually, I kinda like the beads and the way they work with the rest of the classic greek revival business.

 Get a load of the gold! Showoffs! sheesh!


Scott is always blown away by how close these Victorians built their houses. You'd be lucky to get an ace of clubs in between these two girls.

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