Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wintry days, Cornerstone progress and favorite finds!

Our custom Cornerstone job is progressing well!
I know these have been featured in a dozen and a half places...but I still love them, especially the camel and beet colors! The men's are sold out-#$%^&! Echo touch gloves let you actually answer your iphone without juggling your purse, your purchases and your hold on your not having to rip my gloves off with my teeth when I hear my iphone ring....ahhh modern day problems!
It has been cold and icy here...gorgeous though. Yesterday we got a break from the cold and had a great 1/2 day of skiing! Fresh snow and warmish temps before heading to the Nutcracker at the Palm. My daughter played a Chinese dancer and a soldier. She was fierce in battle, all 50 lbs. of her!
...ahhh life is good!
A friend of mine with her sweet outlaw pup..we took him in a verboten spot...naughty!
Fresh finds at Home Office furniture Depot. They featured this little blog so I took a look and found these gems.

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