Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"8" Great chairs Hi and Lo

$585 Fun find from Eurotrend USA

From Scotch and Soda around $85 Maybe you like the concept but lack the room...or you have a sunburn and need to stand...more about that later.

From PB Teen $50! Dorm chic? Family room wit? Comfy, yes!

More high concept seating from $500-$600 -Eurotrends USA (top and bottom.)

Also High
$284 for 2! I love these! So afforadable...and not just for the dining table! They make great side chairs or desk chairs.

Just Fabulous! 2 for $175!
These can be indoor or outdoor! I just wouldn't suggest tanning in them unless you want fractal thighs....which is a "look" I suppose. Use a high SPF though for heaven sake!

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